Dear chess friends, a year has passed and the next year of the chess festival Open Klatovy will arive within a few days. Currently the application phase is in a full flow, the registred participants can be found

 under "Results". The tournament capacity isn't still full by far, so you can apply further. The same can be said about accomodation capacities, however some pensions are full already, the availability of single rooms has became limited too.


Speaking about accomodation, the situation is as follows:

Dormitory ISŠ: full

Pension Hejtman: full

Pension Na Zemědělce: full

Pension U Strnada: full

Pension na vršku: 1 rooms free, the price 350 CZK / person in the double room or 500 CZK / person in the case a single person is accomodated

Hotel Centrál: full

In the case you want to take an advice with accomodation or you want to get another accomodation out of the list above, please get in touch with main organizer Mr. Nováček, +420 737 337 955, he helps you gladly.


After positive responses to alimentation from previous year  we offer those options this year again. Interested people will have the chance to order lunches and dinners from the menu for the complete
 following week on the first tournament day, in the hotel Central. It is possible to order for only particular days. We introduced also children portions (80% of the weight) recently. The lunch price (soup + main course) is 110 CZK for adults, 90 CZK for children; for dinner it is 100 CZK for adults and 80 for children. The menu can be found under Miscellaneous.